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The Good Work

Opposition to our Purpose – Nehemiah 4

By June 28, 2020No Comments

Life Group Questions

  1. Have seasons of opposition kept you from fulfilling your purpose? Have you felt like the only one who cares about your purpose?
  2. Do you EXPECT opposition when you’re pursuing your purpose? Or do you often feel sideswiped when opposition comes?
  3. Give an example of what you’ve faced in the following categories?
    Situational Opposition
    Resistance from Others
    Being Misunderstood
    Opposition from the Enemy
  4. What do you need to bring to God? How can you make Him your first resort, like Nehemiah’s pattern?
  5. How would you live life differently if you believed that God COULD and WOULD absolutely help you?
  6. What do you need to adjust in order to overcome your obstacle? Do you tend to be a flexible person or not so much? – Nehemiah 4:13
  7. What do you need to KEEP GOING with, despite opposition? What are you tired of right now? How can we pray for one another not to give up? What does FAITHFULNESS mean to you? – Galatian 6:9
Julian Malotti