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Life Group Questions 

  1. Did you take notes Sunday? If so, What was the 1 thing that you felt God spoke to you Sunday?
  2. We read in the Bible 4 aspects of parenting:
    1. Impressing into our kids a worldview that God is real, He is good, there is eternity, and there is a Mission for us to fulfill – Deuteronomy 6
    2. Teaching and Instructing – Pv 22:6
    3. Disciplining – Pv 29:15
    4. That we’re all under the authority of God – Ephesians 6:1-3
  3. Let’s read John 1:14 and Psalm 103:10. (Grace and truth)
    1. Let’s talk about the balance of grace and truth when it comes to disciplining. The balance of consequences and letting it go.
  4. Let talk about the different styles of doing these 4 aspects as husband and wife. (Each parent will have a different style of teaching / disciplining)
    1. What aspects of your spouse’s style that you appreciate?
    2. Is is easy to let go of your personal preference? How so?
    3. How do you embrace the different style of your spouse?
  5. Parent the heart not the behavior
    1. Did you understand the difference of the 2?
      1. When you parent the behavior it sounds like the parent is sinless and the kids are “bad”
      2. When we parent the heart, we talk to our kids about our temptations as human beings, then we are honest with them that we also have the same struggles, then we connect the our struggle with the strength of God.
  6. Do you allow your children to be “normal” kids and enjoy “normal” childhoods?
  7. What do you do to create in your home a safe environment for kids to make mistakes?
Julian Malotti