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A Family that Forgives

By May 10, 2020No Comments

Life Group Questions 

1. Think about a time when a family member or relative hurt or betrayed you. Without sharing all of their “dirty laundry,” how did you respond? Do you find it easy or difficult in general to forgive family members? Is this any different from how you forgive people outside of your family?

2. In your own words and opinion, how does forgiveness work? How does forgiveness make Christianity different from other religions or world views? 
3. Talk about a time someone else forgave you. How did you respond, and how did it feel? Like Pastor Kris, was it a motivation to also let someone else off the hook?
4. In the parable of Matthew 18:23-35, which character reminds you most of yourself and why? 
5. Talk about a time when forgiveness has been a reflection of Jesus’s love in your life or in the life of a family member. 
6. How would your family look different if forgiveness flowed a little (or a lot) more freely? How can we demonstrate a more free-flowing forgiveness among our church, and what difference could that make? In what other social circles would you like to experience a greater measure of forgiveness, and what do you think would be different if you did?
Julian Malotti