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Preparing for Christmas 2019

Preparing for Christmas 2019

By December 1, 2019April 21st, 2020No Comments
Passages Used: Romans 5:12-21
Today’s Questions: How do we keep from letting the Christmas season overrun the reason for its creation?
As a group, open up by reading Philippians 4 together.
Person 1: Romans 5:12-14
Person 2: Romans 5:15-16
Person 3: Romans 5:17-18
Person 4: Romans 5:19-21
Pray for God to guide your conversation together, & for the Holy Spirit to give wisdom & insight.
Q1: The Gift is Greater
We all struggle with death and sin inside of us. God is the only One who can resolve this issue. The peace that passes all understanding moves into our situation through the gift of Jesus Christ.
  • How do you see peace entering into the scene during the Christmas season?
  • How do you see the world struggling with false celebration?
Q2: We becomes like the environment
Pastor Julian reminded us how much our environment shapes us.
  • How have you seen people change simply because of their surroundings?
  • Have you ever seen someone shift in their attitude just because one person walks in the room?
  • How can we find our true identity by practicing the presence of God daily?
Q3: Condemnation to Reconciliation
Pastor Julian reminded us of the good news that God so completely removes our sins. “As the East is from the west,” we are separated from our guilt and shame. Because of Christ, when God looks are us all He sees is the perfection of Jesus.
  • What can you celebrate today, right now, because of the work of God, through Christ, in you?
  • How is the Holy Spirit bringing specific changes into your life?
Q4: Getting lost in the details
In this season, there’s so many distractions. We all struggle with trying to meet all of them, but they can very quickly pry our attention away from the real meaning.
  • What traditions and practices help you keep your mind and focus on Christ during this season?
  • Do you have any traditions as a family that help frame out the meaning of the season?
Q5: He will give us triumph!
We need something greater than the chains that keep us as slaves to sin. Scripture gives us the promise, “Who the son sets free is free indeed!”
  • How do you see God bringing triumph over sin?
  • How can we, as a group, be in daily prayer for each other for the freedom God gives?
Point of Prayer for our Small Group: Pray over the areas that the people within your small group serve within, let different people choose one area (not their own) to pray over.
Julian Malotti