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Preparing for Christmas 2019

Preparing for Christmas – Part 2

By December 9, 2019April 21st, 2020No Comments
Life Group Questions
Passages Used: Luke 1:29-38, Matthew 1:20-24,
Today’s Questions: How do we keep from letting being busy, fear or worry take over during this season?
As a group, open up by reading together.
Person 1: Luke 1:29-33
Person 2: Luke 1:34-38
Person 3: Matthew 1:20-22
Person 4: Matthew 1:23-24
Pray for God to guide your conversation together, & for the Holy Spirit to give wisdom & insight.
Q1: God with us
Emmanuel means “God with us.” It’s one of the names of Jesus, and it’s also a promise for us. It’s really the overarching promise for this whole season, and for our faith.
  • When do you feel closest to God during the Christmas season?
  • What promises do you hear echoed throughout this season?
Q2: We get hit with curveballs
Pastor Kris told us about a time in his life when he felt like everything wasn’t adding up, and his daughter spoke up to bring comfort.
  • When has God used someone else to speak peace over your life?
  • What messages of peace in the Bible echo back to you?
Q3: The Confusion-caused Daze
The Bible speaks truth, strength & faith into the rough spots in our lives. God shows us that the faith He gives us can sustain us through the most trying times.
  • Do you have a “life verse”? Is there a passage that you come back to over and over again?
Q4: Nothing is impossible with God
Pastor Kris reminded us to look at the possibilities with God. Too many curveballs may leave us in a spot where we keep going & we stop expecting the movement of God.
Mary has to walk through 9 months of judgment. Joseph has to endure snickering & sneering faces. God had a promise at work. But they had to wait.
  • How has God taught you through waiting and perseverance?
  • What has God taught you through these times?
Q5: Faith in Action
We all know people who are struggling with different things. Is there -one- situation (outside of your group members) that your group can rally around and show them the love of Jesus?
  • What steps need to happen first?
  • How can you all work together, bless someone else & give God the glory?
  • Set up the details now & get the blessings in motion.
Julian Malotti