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Thank God

Something Worth Celebrating in 2020

By December 28, 2020No Comments

Message Title: Something worth Celebrating

  • Main Text: Psalm 5:11-12
  1. The first point in the message was that no matter our circumstance, we can celebrate that God is trustworthy (Ps. 5:11a). Although sometimes God gives us our desires to build our trust in Him, we shouldn’t always connect His trustworthiness with how much we get / don’t get. If we do, we’ll begin to doubt Him when things don’t go our way (as often happens in life).

    Q. What are some reasons you trust God? What are some other ways God might build your trust in Him besides a better job, a bigger promotion, more money, etc.?

  2. The second point in the message was that no matter the circumstances, we can celebrate that God defends [protects] His people (Ps. 5:11b). Like His trustworthiness, God’s defense should not always be connected to how many times we’ve been saved from injury, sickness, or death. Although sometimes God chooses to physically protect / save people, He never guarantees it (see John 16:33), but He does guarantee spiritual protection.

    Q. Have you experienced the physical protection of God before? If you feel comfortable, share a time with the group that you escaped harm, or recovered from a dangerous situation. If you don’t have a physical protection testimony, share your spiritual testimony on how God protected you from going away from Him and His will for your life.

  3. The third point in the message was that no matter our circumstance, we can celebrate that God blesses His people (Ps. 5:12). Biblically, “blessing” never focuses on how much material things we get from God, rather, it’s more of a divine favor. Again, like the two previous points, although God does bless us with things, we shouldn’t always connect how much we have to how much God blesses us. We’re blessed every day we wake up and have the Holy Spirit within us.

    Q. What are some blessings that you have experienced in life? Why is it tempting to overlook all that God has done in us and through us and to only focus on what we have?

  4. Lastly, with your group, discuss some ways that you can enter into 2021 with a healthier mindset including the three above points.
Julian Malotti