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God is found in unlikely places

By December 21, 2020No Comments

Life Group Questions 

1. Have you ever felt like a million small discouraging things have led to being in a daze? What does that look or feel like for you?

2. Was Jesus’s birth the ideal situation? What does it say to you that despite the lack, Jesus was miraculously present?
3. Are you looking for Jesus, even among the unexpected and less-than-ideal?
4. Have you ever felt forgotten or betrayed by God?
5. How does it feel when you can’t figure out how the pieces of your life are supposed to connect, or it seems like God is leading you down an endlessly bumpy road? What can you do to develop trust in God through those times?
6. How have you observed God using unlikely people to carry out His most important missions and causes?
7. How might God want to use you?
Julian Malotti