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The Lazarus Experience

By June 24, 2017April 21st, 2020No Comments

Life Group Questions

1.     How did the sermon minister to you?  What did the Holy Spirit say to you?

2.     The Word of God promises life abundantly, peace, joy, and victory and much more.  Are all these promises for today or just when we die and resurrect?  What promises do you believe are only for after we die and how does that affect the way you live?

3.     Read John 11:38-42.  Here Jesus orders the stone (Barrier) to be removed so that Lazarus can be resurrected. What barriers would God like to remove in your life so that you can experience the resurrection life?  What happens if you don’t remove those barriers?

4.     In addition to removing barriers part of experiencing the Lazarus experience (Resurrection) we need to respond in faith, even when we do not see how it will be possible.  Take some time and pray specifically for each other that we will believe in God’s promises and He will help us with our unbelief.

5.     The last thing Jesus told Lazarus was to get rid of his old grave clothes.  This is a good metaphor of how we need to get rid of our old “lifestyle/habits” and clothe our self with Christ.  In what way is God asking you to get rid of your old clothes?  For instance, what old habits or thinking do you need to get rid of and intentionally focus on Christ?

Julian Malotti