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Life Group 5-10 minute sermon review OUTLINE

Feel free to do a 5-10 minute summary of the passage to bring people that were absent Sunday up to speed. Feel free to use outline below to help you with it.

  1. Read Colossians 1:15-19 and talk about THE PERSON of Christ. Who He is
    1. Image of the invisible God (Want to see God? Look at Jesus.)
    2. Firstborn (The one with all inheritable rights over creation) The first born in OT inherits the Father’s role after the father’s passing. Jesus has the Father’s role over creation
    3. Jesus created all things visible and invisible (He is the architect of creation)
    4. He created all things for HIM (For His glory, for a personal relationship with Him)
    5. He is before all things (Jesus always existed)
    6. He holds everything together (If the world we live in does not go completely out of wack, it’s because Jesus is preventing that from happening – Read 2 Thessalonians 2:6-7 about the Holy Spirit holding back (restraining) the power of the devil)
  2. Verse 20-22 talks about THE WORK of Christ
    1. Jesus reconciles us to God through His blood
    2. In Christ, the saved in God’s eyes are without blemish and free from accusation


  1. Question # 1: Jesus is # 1, He is supreme over all creation, BUT is He supreme in your life? Is HE the LORD, the BOSS, the one who gives the directions,… of HE ONLY has an important place in your heart.
  2. Question # 2: We all have things competing with Christ in our hearts. What are the things that have a tendency to take the #1 in your heart, and how do you find daily victory over them ?
Julian Malotti