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Trauma, dreams, and God’s goodness

By February 26, 2018No Comments

Life Group Questions

  1. Pray for the Women’s retreat
  2. Read Joshua 8:1-2
    1. Question # 1 – Can you imagine the trauma Israelites lost 36 soldiers? Talk about how God wants to heal traumas in our soul and turn those into nothing but a memory. God is able to remove the pain in our souls 100%. We can take this time and pray for each other. Do you any deep pain that you would like us to pray so that God can heal you? (Note to leaders: After the person shares pray for them, 1 by 1. Model vulnerability. If you go 1st, people tend to follow. The entire life group time may end just in this section, and that is OK)
    2. Question #2 – Talk about the temptation to bury some of God’s dreams in our hearts just because we have tried in the past and “it did not work out”. Does anyone have a dream that you believe is from God, that you can seem to shake it off, that you are hesitant on trying again because of fear to fail again? If so, what is that? (Note to leader: I believe as people share you will sense if the dream is from God if so encourage them in it. If you don’t sense anything, just pray after the person shares)
  3. Joshua 9:14 – 15. Joshua and the leaders were deceived because they did not inquire of the Lord. Talk about this new skill that we need to learn that is to be quiet and learn to hear the voice of God.
  4. Read v18-21 – Talk about how we should keep our promises/vows, because as we do it, it reflects the character of God, cause HE always keeps HIS word to us.
  5. Joshua makes a mistake. Talk about giving your leaders a break. They are human like you are. They don’t want to but they will make mistakes. Talk about it, then pray for your leaders.
Julian Malotti