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Unboxing Christmas


By December 1, 2013April 21st, 2020No Comments

Life Group Questions

  1. What spoke to you most about the sermon? Would you like to share your notes from Sunday?
  2. Read Matthew 11:1-6. Why did John doubt if Christ was the Messiah? What was Christ’s answer in response to John’s doubt?
  3. I gave everyone a puzzle piece to illustrate the fact that we are all part of God’s tapestry. But the truth is that we need to trust in God even when we cannot see the big picture. How is God asking you to trust in Him today?
  4. Read Matthew 3:1-10. John the Baptist clearly identified himself first and foremost with His calling to prepare the birth of Jesus. How do you identify yourself? What defines and shapes you most? For example is it your occupation, relational status, or your calling by God?
  5. John was not simply on His journey carrying God with him but he was on God’s journey. For example, John was not trying to be something else first and then on the side being a follower of Christ. Would you say that you are on God’s journey following God or are you on your own journey bring God along side of you? What is the difference? What does the difference look like? How can we tell if someone is on their own journey bringing God along with them or if they are on God’s journey?
  6. John stood on God grace and thus baptized Christ even though he admitted that he should be the one baptized. Why is it so essential that we learn to stand by God’s grace? How does that truth/principle affect how we prepare for the advent of Christ return?
  7. What are you going to do different in response to the sermon?
Julian Malotti