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The Heart of God


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Life Group Questions

ANNOUNCEMENT – . Many people have broken families or no family, and the holidays can be a very tough time of the year. Remember to Invite an “unchurched” friend to join you for the thanksgiving meal.

  1. How did this Sermon help you?
  2. Read Psalm 100. What verse speaks to you the most and why?
  3. Would you say you are experiencing God’s joy and blessings to the fullest today? Or are you waiting and hoping for tomorrow’s blessings to experience God’s joy? (Think about how we often focus so much on our problems that we miss out on what God is doing today).
  4. Read Ephesians 5:19-20; 1 Thessalonians 5:18; Colossians 3:17. Why does God care so much that we are thankful?
  5. Many time we diminish being thankful to simply saying, “Thank you” but what does it mean to have a heart of gratitude?
  6. Look at Psalm 100:3 and think about the command to “Know” that the Lord is God. Why should the fact that God is God and that He is sovereign create in you a heart of thankfulness? Think about your problems. Is God bigger than those problems, pain and hurt? Now read Romans 8:28.
  7. Read Philippians 1:12-21 & Philippians 4:11-13. How did the Apostle’s Paul focus affect his joy? Why is our focus so crucial to cultivating a heart of thankfulness?
  8. Think about your biggest problems. In what ways can you be thankful for in the midst of those problems? For example, you are having marital or relationship problems. Through this you could be thankful that God is bigger than those problems and is able to bring beauty from ashes (God’s sovereignty). Or another example can be that someone has wronged you. You could view this as an opportunity to share and show the love of Christ (Christ and His kingdom focused).


Julian Malotti