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The Good Work

We are contributors

By July 20, 2020No Comments

Note to leaders:
1)You may not have time to do all the questions, feel free to pick the best ones according to your group.
2) Feel free to use your own questions

Life Group Questions

  1. What have you learned from the Holy Spirit this week that may be encouraging to others?
  2. Read Nehemiah 7: 70-72 – Key word “Contributed”
  3. This Sunday the sermon was that we are contributors, and when we go to every environment (work, marriage, school, etc…) with the mentality “I am here to contribute, I am here, place by God to pitch in, to be involved, and to do my part, we are living one of our purpose. What comes to mind when you hear this?
  4. After 70 years of captivity they were a minority under the kingdom of Babylon, holding below average jobs as exiles. But they still chose to “be contributors” and give about 22-25 million dollars for the work of rebuilding the city.
    1. This proves that a generous heart and attitude is something that we can have in every season of life. Do you agree with this statement, if so why?
  5. Every time we focus on what others are going to do for me I end up in the “complaint department” of my heart. (What is my boss coing to do for me? What is my president going to do for me? What is my spouse going to do for me?….) This is the “taker” mentality. It causes frustration and unhappiness.  But every time I ask myself “How am I going to help? How am I going to make this company a better place? How am I making my city a better city? How am I making my church a better church? Now, we are operating in the contributing mindset, thus living our purpose, and living life with Joy and purpose. Let’s talk about the 2 different mindsets.
  6. Talking about money we learned 2 things Sunday.
    1. Let’s never spend more than we make and get in debt. Cause debt is a form of slavery. We should live with 80% of our income. 10% goes to God and His kingdom, 10% goes to a savings / retirement account. Let’s talk about the wisdom found in the 10-10-80%.
  7. Never stop giving to God and His kingdom. This is a priority as a follower of Jesus. To give the 1st and the best back to God and to fulfill His mission on earth.
  8. Pray for one another .


Julian Malotti