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The Good Work

The Obstacles to our Mission

By July 12, 2020No Comments

Life Group Questions 

  1. We read Nehemiah 6 this past Sunday and learned from it. The main point of the message was that there will be obstacles for us to live out our Mission and make an eternal impact in this world. What was the 1 thing you felt like the Holy Spirit was speaking to you and why?
  2. As around the group if the group members know their mission/purpose. If they don’t know, encourage them to “test drive” to “do something” for God, others, and his church until they find it.
  3. There are 3 obstacles in this chapter that are relevant to our lives:
    1. Distractions. Are anything that tries to veer us off from our mission / our purpose
    2. Accusations. Happens mostly in our minds. The enemy tries to disqualify us from the Mission.
    3. Intimidation. It’s when the enemy attacks us with the lie “It’s not worth serving God”
  4. The weapons for the battle are:
    1. Being aware that obstacles will  come our way
    2. Prayer. Nehemiah went to God for his strength, and we need to do the same.
    3. Persistence and Perseverance. We need to be more persistent than the enemy.
  5. What way are you attacked by the most? What can we do to help you?
  6. What weapon do you use the most to find your victory? (Examples: prayer, call a Christian friend, go to the Bible and the promises of God to combat them, …)
  7. They finish their mission in 52 days. Meaning, one day it’s all going to be worth it. What motivates you to keep going, to keep serving God, and to live your purpose, your mission?

Bible verses read Sunday

  1. Nehemiah 6
  2. Matthew 11:12b
Julian Malotti