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Bless This Home

What Makes a House a Home?

By April 26, 2020No Comments

Life Group Questions 

  1. What is the 1 thing you felt God spoke to you in the message Sunday? Let’s take turns sharing.
  2. Were you ever aware of how precious and how sensitive the home environment can be?
  3. Pastor Julian said that we all have a negative “default” that we bring to the house that if we’re not careful it can be very destructive to the home environment. What is your “negativity” default?
  4. Let’s Read Galatians 5:22 & 23 and discuss these 2 verses in the context of our souls and our homes. How God desires for us to have these virtues in our soul and homes.
  5. We learned Sunday that it requires more than Love to have a blessed home. It requires also wisdom from above and self-control from God over our words and actions. Have you ever thought about the fact that love alone is not enough?
  6. What are do you need the most wisdom and self-control from God to foster a blessed home?
  7. Take time to pray for one another
Julian Malotti