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Acts 5: Going, Admitting, and Guarding our Hearts

By September 23, 2019April 21st, 2020No Comments
Make sure to pray together before you start, and invite the Holy Spirit to lead your time together. There are more questions to be answered here then you will have time for tonight. Select the ones that you think will be the most productive for your group. Don’t feel compelled to try to answer them all.
The Acts of Jesus- Week 7
Pastor Julian Milotti 
Scripture Context:
Read Acts 5:12-42
Today’s Question: Do you know that you are included in the powerful work of the Holy Spirit?
Brené Brown Ted Talk
Q1: The Common Work of the Church
Pastor Julian told us about our upcoming efforts to publicly share our faith.
  • When have you shared Jesus well?
  • What methods, activities or programs have you used or seen used that fame across in a natural, enjoyable way?
  • What excites you when it comes to sharing Jesus with the gifts & skills God has given to you?
Q2: The Church Experiences Kickback
Peter & the apostles were put in jail simply because they were talking about Jesus. You and I probably haven’t been jailed for our faith, right?
  • Why do we feel like we “suffer” when we experience a little social/relational kickback in moments where we share our faith?
  • Have you ever been accosted or made fun of for your faith? What did God teach you in that moment?
Q3Let’s Be Ready for Confrontation 
Whenever we encounter God, we know He’s doing a work with us & in us. We know that He’s going to point out things to us, things that we may not want to hear about. But He does this because He loves us. He disciplines us -for our benefit- so that we might become more and more like Christ.
  • How can we beat communicate this changes-by-God-through-love-and-discipline experience to people who will feel like God’s plan for them is a buzz kill or oppressive?
  • How do we share the freedom He gives to people who don’t know they’re in bondage to sin?
Q4Getting Feedback with Grace
Do you have someone who you can be frank with and who can be frank with you? We all have tendencies in different areas to blame-shift because it hurts to admit that the problem might possibly somehow start with us.
  • How can we be mindful of these tendencies & our “weak spots” so that we might grow to look more like Christ rather than letting a seed of sin grow in us?
  • How can we take first steps to give our believing spouses, friends or family members permission to speak into us in this way?
Q5Continuing the Story
As we started the sermon time, Pastor Julian reminded us that we are writing the 29th chapter of Acts right now. You and I are all part of what God is up to in our world, in this city & in the cultures that we all have an opportunity to serve within.
  • What Gospel Opportunities are already laid out in front of you this coming week?
  • How will you seek growth this week in Christ?
  • Who has God placed on your heart that needs to hear about Jesus?
Spend time praying together over the people that you will get to share Jesus with, in one form or another, this week.
  • Pray for victory in their lives, thanking God ahead of time for the work He is going to do in them.
  • Pray, believing that He will do these works.
Closing prayer time:
How can you pray for the impact of your group?
What can you all do together to impact our community?
Julian Malotti