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Acts 6 – We are the Body of Christ

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Make sure to pray together before you start, and invite the Holy Spirit to lead your time together. There are more questions to be answered here then you will have time for tonight. Select the ones that you think will be the most productive for your group. Don’t feel compelled to try to answer them all.
The Acts of Jesus: The Story Continues – Week 8
Acts 6:1-7 – Delivered by Pastor Julian
Today’s Question: Why do people think that a gathering of imperfect people will produce perfect things & situations?
Q1: Eyes on Jesus, Focus on the Mission
The phrase “Soli Deo Gloria” has been used in the church for a long, long time. It means, “For the glory of God alone.” Pastor Julian reminded us to “Focus on God & on the mission.” He also said, “We all have biases, even if we don’t notice them.”
  • What do you think about this phrase, “The Focus shouldn’t be on the church being perfect, but on the One who is perfect.”?
  • As the church, what is our ultimate focus?
  • Why do we give so much attention to little details, rather than focusing on the mission?
Q2: Walking a mile in someone else’s shoes
In Acts 6, we see some biases at work in the church. There were people who needed care, food & attention who were not receiving it like everyone else was. That pain of preference prompted the people to speak up & point out the discrepancy.
  • Have you had a time in your life where you noticed a bias that you didn’t know you had?
  • How do we see the apostles making an effort to fix this problem?
  • Look at the names of the men chosen. They are from different ethnic backgrounds. How is this consideration helpful to this situation?
  • How can we be more mindful, as a small group, to consider the needs of others in ways like this?
Q3: Our part in the Body of Christ, don’t withhold the blessing
Pastor Julian used the illustration of Mr. PotatoHead to help us understand how Jesus divides up the ministries of the church. Read Romans 12:4-8 together. Read it once to get familiar, then a second time to listen.
  • What categories do we find here?
  • What area of service within the church connects the most with your heart?
  • Have you had a change in what you’ve been called to do within “Team Jesus?”
  • Do you know & understand the “kingdom impact” of serving that way within the church?
Q4: Knowing Your Gift
Pastor Julian gave us a link for completing a Spiritual Gift assessment. Even if you’ve completed one recently, take just a moment, hop on your phone & complete this assessment together.
Text SGA to 619-536-0006 to get the link & get started.
Follow the instructions, fill out the assessment & then send it in to the office.
Q5: Changing from consumer to producer
As we find our gifts within the church, you will find the reason why God made you & why He saved you. You have been saved to do something in particular within the kingdom. No one gift is better than another, but each one fills a need within the God-given mission of our church. When we all find our calling within the kingdom, then our impact increases.
  • Talk about Pastor Julian’s challenge to come to church once a month to “get dirty” and need a nap afterward.
  • What will it look like for all of us to come with an expectation to give ourselves away rather than coming in with an attitude of “what can I get today?”
Point of Prayer for our Small Group: Pray over the areas that the people within your small group serve within, let different people choose one area (not their own) to pray over.
Julian Malotti