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Impact Babylonpillars

Do not be conformed to Babylon

By April 30, 2019April 21st, 2020No Comments

Life Group Announcements 

  1. BBQ Baptism is coming up May 11th at “De Anza Cove”. As people in your groups if they would like to be baptized. If so, ask them to email pastor Rob@
  2. The Mexico house build is also coming up on May 17th – 19th. Interested? Register at church center app

Life Group Questions 

  1. Let’s take a couple of minutes and celebrate what God is doing in our lives. What is 1 thing that God is doing in your life right now that you would like to publicly share as a form of thanksgiving to him?
  2. Sunday we are learning about that God saved us because He loves us, and also gave us a job that is to make an impact on the earth for Jesus. What’s 1 thing that you heard God talking to you Sunday that you would like to share?
  3.  One of the enemies of our impact on earth is distractions with earthly things. Do you ever feel distracted by the temporal things of this world?
  4.  Let’s talk about the balance of having earthly needs and wants and not be distracted by them to the point that your eternal impact is neutralized to the point that you have a very little eternal impact.
    1. Question: What helps you having an eternal impact here on earth even with the business of life?
  5.  Our calling is what God specifically designed us for. Do you know your calling? If not, what are some things that you enjoy to do that you can do for God and HIS kingdom?

Bible Verses read Sunday

  • DANIEL 1:6-8; DANIEL 1:17-20;
  • 1 PETER 2:11;
  • ROMANS 12:2; 2
  • TIMOTHY 2:4;
  • COL 3:2;
  • 1 PETER 2:9
Julian Malotti