Easter 2019

 In Easter

Life Group Questions 

  1.  Norm and Janelle gave their testimonies on Easter Sunday. Let’s make tonight a testimony night. In 5 minutes tell us your life story. How is JESUS the hero of your testimony?
  2. Easter is the celebration of the resurrection. What is one area of your life that was dead before you had a relationship with Christ but He brought it back to life?
  3.  What was the main thing you hear GOD was speaking to you in the Easter message?
    1. Let everyone share. (It’s OK if you only get to talk about these 3 questions)
  4.  God is more powerful than death so HE is more powerful than any difficulty we may go through.
    1. Would you like to share a difficulty you are going through so that we can pray about it?
      1. Break up in groups of 3s or 4s to pray for each other
  5. Read Hebrews 4:14-16. We have a God who understands our trials and difficulties because HE went through worse trails than us.  He was betrayed, abandoned, falsely accused, beaten,… all the way up to the cross.
    1. Did you know you that God fully understands difficulty? How does that make you feel knowing this truth?
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