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Road To Maturity

The Road to Maturity: Guard Rails

By October 19, 2015No Comments
Life Group Announcement
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Life Group Questions
1.     How did the sermon speak to you?  What passages of scripture spoke to you?
2.     Discuss what are spiritual guardrails and how they have helped you. 
3.     Do you have any known areas where you need to implement new guardrails in your spiritual life to help you grow in maturity?
4.     Joseph in Genesis 39:1-12 demonstrated three key guardrails.  (Identifying sin as sin against God; Guarding your hearts from sin; and fleeing from sin).  Which one of these guardrails is most relevant in your life today?
5.     In Genesis 39:9 Joseph declared sleeping with Potiphar’s wife was a sin against God.  How is this a guardrail?  And how is that relevant in your life today?
6.     Read Genesis 4:7, Genesis 39:10 and Hebrews 12:1.  In the passage with Joseph, he refused to even be around Potiphar’s wife.  It wasn’t sin to be around Potiphar’s wife.  So why did Joseph chose that?  How do you establish that guardrail with falling into legalism?  What does that look like practically in your life?
7.     Read Genesis 39:11-12.  Joseph put up good guardrails but sin still attacked and pursued him.  To fight that sin He fled, not flirted, but fled.  Are you willing to leave your metaphorical “coat” so that you will not crash and burn on your road to maturity.  How does fleeing from sin look in your life?  What are you willing to sacrifice to not sin against God?  Or perhaps better stated, what are you not willing to sacrifice to not sin against God?
8.     Take some time and pray for each other.  Satan wants to kill and destroy your relationship with God.  Support and encourage one another and help each other place good guardrails up
Julian Malotti