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Road To Maturity

Road to Maturity: Who is giving the directions?

By October 25, 2015No Comments

Life Group Announcements

  1. Baptism worship night is this Friday. Please contact pastor Julian if you would like to be Baptized
  2. SAVE THE DATE: OB One will have a float on the OB Christmas Parade. We want to have at least 100 OB Onites representing our church. The parade starts at 5pm. Plan to be at church by 4pm. Bring your kids, your dogs,… Parking is hard to find so be patient.
  3. It is time to start planning a Christmas potluck. Start talking about it, and gather ideas with the group. Plan a secret Santa if you will, … etc.

Life Group Questions

  1. Read Psalm 23 with the group. What part of this Psalm speaks to you and why? (Keep asking other people “Anybody else? What part this Psalm speaks to you and why?”) There is a change the entire discussion will revolve around this question only.
  2. Is it true in your life that sometimes you are doing something and you never stopped to ask “Why am I doing this?” and simply go with the flow of family, or cultural expectations and pressures?
  3. Talk about any of these aspects found in Psalm 23. God is the provider (pasture and water), God restores our soul (Invisible part of us that is very neglected), God is with us and comforts us in times of hardship (Valley Shadow of death), our cup will overflow (Do we know how to overflow?), and how God is concerned with this life and the life to come (goodness and love will follow me, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord FOREVER!!! God is goooood
  4. Spend some time praying for one another. Feel free to split guys and girls to foster a more intimate place to share and pray.
Julian Malotti