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The Heart of God

Psalm 1 – Shaping Influences

By October 20, 2013April 21st, 2020No Comments

Life Group Questions

  1. Did you bring your notes from Sunday? What did the Holy Spirit teach you Sunday?
  2. Read Psalms 1 and talk about worldview shaping influences and the contrasts found in it. (2 sources influences and 2 results)
  3. Talk about the analogy of the tree and the chaff and how does it apply to our lives?
  4. Read James 1:22, and Galatians 6:7 – Talk about how going to church, or knowing the Bible are powerless if not followed by actions.
  5. Read Matthew 12:30, and Matthew 7:13-14 and talk about how the Bible teaches that there are only 2 ways to live life. Jesus’s way and all other ways.
  6. Talk about the tension of being the light of the world and not seating with mockers.
  7. What are some cultural teachings that are very prevalent in our generation that simply does not match the Bible?
Julian Malotti