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#No Filter Series “Beauty From Ashes”

By July 7, 2013April 21st, 2020No Comments
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2 Corinthians 1—Out of something Bad can come something Beautiful 7/7/13

Analogy: Have a bag of manure and pretty flower. Demonstrating out of something bad can come something beautiful.

  1. Teaches us to rely on God and not yourself
    1. Encourages us to drawn near to God and rest in His presence
    2. Experience God in a personal way
    3. When you are going through hard times seek out God for strength and notyourself.
    4. It is this reason that we are to place our hope in God.
    5. God is not only able to deliver you but will continue to deliver you!
  2. Enables us to comfort others with the comfort we have received
    1. God has comforted us, saved us, so that we may comfort others.
    2. It is in this process that we comfort others that we are also further healed andcomforted ourselves. Suffering equips the Christian to mediate God’scomfort.
    3. Colossians 1:24; 1Peter 5:9
  3. Testifies to God’s power to others! (11)
    1. We are to pray and encourage one another.
    2. Many will give thanks because of God’s intervention
    3. Hebrews 13:1


Julian Malotti