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Red Letters

Red Letters: The seven statements from the cross – Part 1

By August 23, 2015No Comments

Life Group Announcements 

  1. Keep praying for pastor Joe’s recovery, and for his wife Shari and Skyla.
  2. Guys save the date: Guys weekend in Julian is coming up September 25 & 26. We will be hanging out with other men from OB One, and do activities like building stuff together, hiking, and rock climbing (No experience necessary) We will meet Friday 25th of September at the church, carpool to Julian, and be back in San Diego Saturday 26th about 9 pm. The cost will be $60 with all 3 meals and lodging included. Sponsorship available upon request. Talk to me (life group leader) if you need to be sponsor. (Then please inform pastor Julian about the people who needs to be sponsored)

Life Group Questions 

  1. Read Luke 23:34 and read Hebrews 12:6 and talk about how God is at the same time a forgiving God, He is also a disciplining Father. It’s important to understand this balance because if we don’t we can think that God is “mad” God, or a hippie God, and He is neither
  2. God is better than a Just God. A JUST God only gives Justice, our God extends mercy and grace. Ask the group if they understand this concept. If so, ask them to talk about it. Or in different words you can ask: Do you guys understand the difference between grace, mercy, and justice. Let’s talk about it. How does this 3 concepts affect our lives in on the daily basis?
  3. Jesus accomplished God’s will through hardship. Let’s talk about it how God uses hardship to accomplish His will in our life. Do you have an example of how God used hardship to bless your life.
  4. Read Luke 23:39-43 – Pastor Julian shared 6 things about this passage
    1. God is never too busy to minister / bless / hear / one individual
    2. God’s forgiveness is always more powerful than the sins we committed. (He forgave lifelong criminal)
    3. It proves that salvation is not by works (Thief got saved by faith alone in Christ alone)
    4. Purgatory and reincarnation are false teachings not found in the Bible. (Read Hebrews 9:27)
    5. One criminal feared God but was not saved. Talk about how acknowledging God is different than having Jesus as the Lord of our lives.
    6. The remedy to guilt is not good works, but it is Jesus.
    7. What of these 6 points would you like to talk about? Or have any questions on?
Julian Malotti