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The seven statements from the cross- Part 2

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Life Group Announcements

  1. Keep praying for pastor Joe’s recovery, and for his wife Shari and Skyla.
  2. Guys save the date: Guys weekend in Julian is coming up September 25 & 26. We will be hanging out with other men from OB One, and do activities like building stuff together, hiking, and rock climbing (No experience necessary) We will meet Friday 25th of September at the church, carpool to Julian, and be back in San Diego Saturday 26th about 9 pm. The cost will be $60 with all 3 meals and lodging included. Sponsorship available upon request. Talk to me (life group leader) if you need to be sponsor. (Then please inform pastor Julian about the people who needs to be sponsored). PLEASE REGISTER ONLINE AT OB1CHURCH.COM


  1. Read John 19:26-27 (Statement # 3 from the cross) Mary
    1. Talk about the fact the Jesus is providing for Mary (His mother) for her physical needs, and an environment for her to grow in her relationship with God by living in the apostle John’s house.
  2. Read Matthew 27:46 (Statement # 4) Why have you forsaken me?
    1. Chris is separated the FIRST and ONLY time in eternity so that we can be in fellowship with God for eternity.
  3. Read John 19:28-29 (Statement # 5) I thirst.
    1. There is a physical thirst – Thirsting for water as a human being. Jesus as a human went through everything we go through as humans (Read Hebres 4:15-16). And because of that Jesus fully UNDERSTANDS and KNOWS how it FEELS to go through hard times.
    2. There is a spiritual thirst – Thirsting the presence of God – The conversation can go around the times of our Christian journey where we feel away from God, in a dry season spiritually speaking.
  4. Read John 19:30 (Statement # 6) It is finished – The work of forgiveness, redemption, and substitution is finished.
  5. Read Luke 23:46 (Statement #7) – Give his life back to the Father –  A cry of victory over sin
Julian Malotti