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Life Group Questions for Psalm 51

ANNOUNCEMENT 1 – Remind the group about Operation Christmas Child packaging event (Nov 19 & 20)  and how the life will meet that day NOT to discuss the sermon but will meet to pack boxes. PEOPLE CAN WEAR AN UGLY SWEATER TO MAKE THE EVENT MORE FUN, AND MAKE SURE PEOPLE INVITE FRIENDS AND FAMILY.

ANNOUNCEMENT 2 – Keep organizing your Life Group Christmas party. Set location, day, time, who is bringing what,…

TIP # 1 – Prayer request can be impersonal, a can of worms, and sharing can take a long time. When is time to take prayer requests ask “In 1 word how is work, family, your relationship with God, and health?” (Answer should be something like “Work is hard, family – pray for me to be a better parent; relationship with God…. you get the idea) This way impersonal prayers (like “My aunts cat is sick”) are weeded out, and people that want to talk for a long time also are limited. FEEL FREE TO START LIFE GROUP WITH PRAYER REQUESTS)

TIP # 2 – If your life group is so awesome that no one wants to go home GREAT, but be sensitive to NEW members that were not planning to stay for longer than the time on the website. When the time to end comes around you can say “We will be praying for one another now, so who needs to leave can do so, but we will still hang out for another ____ minutes.” That way the NEW person’s time is respected and they will NOT feel “stuck”, because leaving in the middle of anything can be perceived as being unpolite.

Life Group Questions – THIS IS WEEK 6 OF 10 

  • QUESTION #1 – Psalm 51 is known as the “Psalm of Repentance”. King David wrote when he repented of his sin with Bathsheba and Uriah. Let’s read Psalm 51:1-12 and v15-17 and pay attention to what God teaches us through this text.
  • After reading text above ask the group “What is God teaching you in this text? How can you apply practically in your life?” Then go around and keep asking people to participate. Ask question again and again until you feel there is nothing more to be said about it.

(This is background info before next question. Read this section to the group before going to the next questions) When we sin we all feel bad & ashamed. Some of us feel that we need to do some “good works” to gain God’s favor back again, others feel that they are not worthy of going back to church, life group, or even talking to God; Others  isolate; And others feel that they are the only ones who sin this bad and this often.

  • QUESTION #2 – Based on the description above which one is you? When you sin, what do you do? Compare what you do when you sin (Works, shame, isolation,…) with what God tells us we should do based on Psalms 51.
  • QUESTION #3 – How can we (the life group) help if we feel you are isolating, and distancing yourself from God and the church? (Go around the group and hear what they say. Keep a note or mental note of their answer, and next time you feel they are isolating do what they asked you to do)
  • QUESTION #4 – After king David confesses his sin to God and comes clean he feels a tremendous relief and he writes Psalm 32. Let’s read Psalm 32 verses 1-5 and lets talk about what jumps at each one of us.
  • QUESTION # 5 Jesus preached repentance as part of receiving the good news. Do you see repentance as God looking to destroy you or restore you? Why is repentance so hard if it is the best thing for us to do?


Julian Malotti