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The importance of knowing and Practicing the Word of God

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Life Group Announcements 

  1. The Mexico house build is happening in May. For more info on how to give money to this project or how to sign up to go, please go to
  2. Auditions for the creative / worship team is also coming soon. To register go to

Life Group Questions

  1. Read Matthew 7:24-29. This parable follows the Sermon on the Mount. Why do you think Jesus concluded his sermon with this parable?
  2. What does this strong exhortation say about Jesus’ view of his own teaching?
  3. What is the relationship between “. . . and puts them into practice” in verse 24 and “. . . had its
    foundation on the rock” in verse 25?
  4. Have you ever applied a specific teaching of Scripture that, looking back, prepared you for an
    unexpected storm?
  5. Can you think of a difficult time you have faced that could have been avoided if you had applied
    the principles of Scripture?
  6. In verse 27, Jesus said that the foolish man’s house fell with a great crash. Chances are you know
    individuals or couples whose lives or marriages could be described in similar terms. Without
    giving names or too many specifics, describe a situation you know about where someone
    experienced a great crash that could have been avoided if he or she had consistently applied the
    teachings of Jesus.
  7. If, for the past five years, you had been applying what you know the Scriptures teach about
    finances, how would things be different in your finances today? Apply this same question to
    marriage or relationships in general.
Julian Malotti